General WORK…with Matt
Most days Matt is out at the farm and he can almost always use some help:
9 AM to Noon and 1-3 PM (Weekdays). Send him an email at, if you are thinking about coming out! Don’t worry, there is always something important to do at GTI! Your time won’t go to waste but your spirit will definitely be lifted!

BIG Planting Day
Sunday, April 28, from 9am-12pm….GTI Planting Event!!!! Experience hilling potatoes, planting onions, rasberries, blackberries, and more!! Hope to see you there!

HUGE yard sale
Saturday, April 20, 7 AM-2 PM
Our biggest fundraiser yet.
We scheduled it so that we could collect things that people might be throwing away (due to clean up days in the city) but would be a gem for someone else.

Build the garden, paths
Sunday, March 24, 1 PM – 4 PM
It is time to get outside! We are setting the boundaries of the garden.

John Curtis’ (Barefoot Gardens, Macomb) Gardening Workshop (Meeting 1 of 4) (link)
Sunday, March 3, 9 AM – 3 PM

More Composting and seeding trays
Sunday, Feb. 23, 1-4 PM

Water Collection
Saturday, Feb 16th, 1-4 PM

Building Compost System
Sunday, February 10th, 1-4 PM
Matt and the crew of volunteers are going to be putting together a vermicomposting system. You won’t want to miss this!

Third Building Day
Saturday, February 2nd, 1-5 PM
We are going to build the last of the trays (hope to have 80 when we are done), plant celery, Brussels sprouts, and leeks, and even build a bird or bat house or two.
We are also going to begin laying out the growing area–we anticipate growing on about 1.2 acres this spring.┬áPlease join us if you can!

Second Building Day
Sunday, January 26th, Noon-4 PM
We are going to build more grow trays (for soil blocks). We are going to be planting our first seeds (onions)! We are going to be organizing the space and imagining its future! We are going to be socializing and building community!

First Building Day
Sunday, January 12th, Noon-4 PM
See what we did…(link)